The importance of WiFi jammers to the home

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There's a lot of scrambling products on the market, but most of them can't get in the way of one or two frequencies. So, if you need an explosive power to beat the frequency range, the WiFi jammer, VHF, UHF and 3G are ideal. High power wireless network, VHF, UHF antenna and 6 is used to interfere with the 3 g mobile phone jammers can definitely with the wireless signal, VHF, UHF and mobile phones interfere with the fastest and effective solution.

This 3G 4G Wimax bluetooth GPS signal jammer is designed to be a good distraction from a given distance and the signal strength of a signal strength in the area, to cut the signal to a 4G 4G wireless 3G and 4G 3G GPS and Wimax has the ability to block 20 meters at the same time at the same time. In addition to using the fully qualified 4G bluetooth GPS jammer, all the frequencies involve only the TX downlink and the latest design and good cooling system, and the cooling fan also lets the GPS WiFi handheld 4G mobile phone jammer stand up. Also, because it is designed with the selection button, you can set or disable it.

The family relationship requires a WiFi jammer to block the signal

With the popularity of mobile phones and WiFi signals, people seem to suffer from mobile phone depen...

Security WiFi profile reflects the importance of WiFi jammers

With the increase of mobile phone demand, WiFi signal is more important, and the problem of WiFi sec...


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